We make preserving your memories an easy and enjoyable experience.

Kulig's Kreations specializes in transferring film and video tapes to DVD and audio tapes and records to CDs. This includes regular 8mm film to DVD and super 8 to DVD as well as VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD, MiniDV to DVD and Hi8mm (Video8) tapes.

Still have your Betamax Tapes? We convert Betamax to DVD as well. We use the latest technology along with our commitment to outstanding customer service to give you a superior product.

What about those old laser discs? Still have them? We convert those as well.

In addition to video transfers we also transfer cassette tapes to CDs, reel to reel audio tapes to CDs, 8-track tapes to CDs and vinyl records to CDs.

Want to edit your own files? Your video or audio tapes can be converted to files for your easy editing. Many formats are available of which .AVI and .MOV are the most popular.

We know the value of your memories to you. We handle all media with the care and respect as if it was our own.