How many feet of film are on each size reel?

3" Reel = 50 feet
4" Reel = 100 feet
5" Reel = 200 feet
6" Reel = 300 feet
7" Reel = 400 feet

What is the process of transferring my film?

We use superior transfer equipment to transfer 8mm to DVD or Super 8mm to DVD right from the projector's gate using a 3CCD video camera for a larger, clearer, and sharper transferred image to a digital format one frame at a time. Capturing one frame at a time helps remove most flicker from your movie. At this time we cannot convert 8mm with sound. We can convert the film, just not the sound.

Can my film be burned during the transfer process?

No. Our equipment uses a light source that cannot burn your film. Also, during the 8mm film transfer process the light source is monitored and adjusted to provide brighter scenes where the movie is dark and tones down the scenes where the movie is too bright.

Will my film (audio tapes) be returned to me?

Yes, we return all submitted film and tapes with the completed DVD or CD.

What is audio narration?

You can tape your own voice describing the pictures in a slide show or slide show presentation. You can place your pictures in the order that you want them displayed and tell about each picture or a group of pictures. Count the number of pictures and multiply that by five seconds. That will be the length of the showing of the pictures. Time your narration to that length. This would be done only after you are positive that you do not want to change the order of your pictures. You would also have to allow additional time (five seconds each) for each extra title screen that you want to order.

What type of background music do you have?

We have generic background music that can be added to a Slide Show Presentation or Movie. You have the option of customizing your movie with additional music. You can provide the music files that you want to use or tell us the song title and artist and we can purchase that song on your behalf if it is available as a single purchase. If you choose our generic music you can also tell us how long you want the selection to last. Please keep in mind that generic music repeats itself to adjust to the length of time desired. This means that you may get tired of listening to the music if it is too long.

Music Purchased On Your Behalf:

This is music you tell us you want to buy to add to your project. We will purchase the music for you and add it to your project. This music is for your use only and the final project cannot be sold without obtaining the necessary waivers for copyright infringement.

How can I edit my DVD after I receive it?

The digital video output of the transferred film is put on a DVD in a format for viewing on DVD Players. You can request that the output be put on DVDs as an .avi file. Since .avi files are extremely large (about 15 GB per hour of film) it would take about four to five DVDs for each 1 hour file or you can send a USB drive large enough to hold your files. This method would allow you to put the files on your hard drive and to import them into your own editing software allowing you to make the changes that you want to make.

You can also have these files created as .MPG2 (mpeg). The .MPG2 files are much smaller in size. While they are still DVD quality, the quality is less than an .avi file. As an .MPG2 file only one to two discs would be used for that one hour of film.

What type of case will my DVD come in?

For orders $100.00 or more your DVD slide show, slide show presentation, or movie will be in a plastic DVD case. The cover of the DVD case will contain your title on the front side and the binder side. One picture from the movie will be selected for the front cover. You have the choice of sending us a favorite picture to put on the front cover if you would prefer your own selection of picture. For orders under $100.00 your DVD will come in a standard jewel case.

How do I know if my Reel to Reel tape is good enough to be converted?

Not sure if your old reel to reel tapes are still good or not? Reel to reel tapes can become degraded over time. There are two major types of degradation.

The first is where the chemical used to bind the audio information to the tape breaks down and becomes sticky.

The second is when the lubricant breaks down. This causes a white residue. This residue if left on can damage the heads when the tape is run through the player heads.

If your tapes are not degraded there is an excellent chance of a good conversion.

What do you mean by removing flicker?

Transferring the film one frame at a time removes the flicker from between each frame. It does not however, remove any flickering or light caused by aged or damaged film or any flickering caused by the lighting at the time of the filming.

This process does not remove the bright flashes caused by the camera being turned off and then on again with each new scene change. However, when we edit the film we do remove some of the brighter flashes if possible. This means that sometimes the camera person turned the camera off and on again after shooting only a few seconds of film. That means there would be too many flashes to delete.

Can you focus my video?

We cannot correct any film that was taken out of focus.

My film is dirty and has spots on it, can you correct that?

In a lot of the cases surface spots on the film will be removed during the cleaning process and this will assist in a better transfer quality. Because of the age of most film it cannot be guaranteed that all spots will be removed. The cleaning process cannot remove scratches in the film.

How does the Menu and Chapter system work?

There are several ways to use a Menu and Chapter System.

A Chapter is nothing more than putting markers in your movie at various locations. These markers can be set at specified times like every 5 minutes, or at the beginning of each reel, or at specific scenes. These markers allow you to "jump" to that location from the Menu.

The Menu is placed at the beginning of the Movie with choices of each of the chapters available. There are two different ways to set up the Menu.

After selecting which Chapter you want to watch, the movie returns to the Menu after that Chapter is done.
Once selecting a Chapter from the Menu the movie will start at that Chapter and play to the end of the movie before returning to the Menu.
The standard Menu and Chapter pricing includes a Menu and 8 Chapters. Additional Menus and Chapters can be added to the main Menu and 8 Chapters.