35mm Slides

35mm Slides Conversion

Do you have 35mm slides but cannot view them? Let us take your slides sitting in boxes and give them life in the format of a DVD movie or as files so you can print the slides you want to print.

We clean your slides with a soft camel-hair brush and then with soft but effective compressed air pressure to remove any fine dust or debris.

The slides are then converted capturing the entire negative. We use software filters to enhance them one slide at a time. Each one is inspected to make any exposure corrections and color enhancements.

After they have been converted they are put back in the same order and containers that we received them in. We also make a backup copy in case you lose or damage your copy or decide to order copies in the future. Either way, you can rest assured that your memories will be there.

We transfer slides to files as .jpg images or convert 35mm slides to DVD to show them as a Slide Show Presentation.

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