8mm Conversion

8mm Conversion

Let us transfer your 8mm film to DVD for a lasting preservation of your memories. We treat your film as if it was our own, taking special care in the preparation of the conversion process

Our first step in transferring 8mm film to DVD is the cleaning process. As we are cleaning your film we inspect and repair any broken splices. We use a special cleaning cloth with cleaning fluid to remove the dust and lubricate the film.

The next step in the process is to convert the film to a digital file. That digital format file is then edited to delete all totally dark and white sections. This is where we differ from most other companies as they only provide a straight transfer with no editing. We also differ by being in contact with you when there are any issues noted while doing the editing to make sure that we get it right . We color enhance the movie file then create a DVD movie from that file. Want to do your own editing? We can create .avi and .mpeg (four types) and five other file type files for you to edit your own movies.

Here at Kulig's Kreations, Inc. we like to keep the process simple. Simple pricing; simple clarifications. We could put up hundreds of pages trying to impress you. We could also put up many samples of the differences between the original file and the finished DVD, but this is how we feel about that: Why try to make you believe that all of your film transfer will be really good. We could put up samples of the best of the best results like others do, but that does not mean that all of your film will be that good. The only exception is if your film has sound. We outsource the conversion part to a local company at their pricing.

As film ages, it deteriorates. As it deteriorates, it loses some color and some clarity that cannot be enhanced. Not all film has been stored the same way in the same conditions and therefore some will be very good and some not so good. This is true even in batches of film that have been stored together. What we can promise you is that the conversion process will provide you the best possible results. Read our testimonial pages and see why we have many people coming back over and over again with new projects for us to do.

Have questions? Use the Contact Us Form or call. We do not use automated answering services so a person will answer unless already in the process helping someone. If you should get our voice mail please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Our pricing is all inclusive. We do not charge extra to put your home movie to DVD. We create a free backup copy in case you lose or damage your copy or decide to make additional copies in the future. Our pricing provides you with a quality 8mm to DVD or Super 8 to DVD transfer for the quoted prices. Be sure to compare the final cost and not just the initial teaser costs when comparing companies.

Contact us for more information or request a quote for your project.