Video Tape Conversion

8mm Conversion

Preserve your memories for years to come by converting your analog and digital video tapes to DVD so you can watch them over and over again. Our pricinig is all inclusive. We do not charge extra for putting your movies to DVD, our price includes the creation of the DVD. Want to edit your own files? We can create either .AVI, MPEG or .MOV (and many other type) files for you to edit them the way you want them edited.

We create a backup copy in case you lose or damage your copy or decide to have additional copies made in the future. With this backup copy you can rest assured that your memories will be there for you. There is no extra charge for this backup copy. This is just another way that we say "Thank You" for using Kulig's Kreations' service.


  • Convert VHS to DVD or files
  • Convert VHS-C to DVD or files
  • Convert MiniDV to DVD or files
  • Convert Hi8mm to DVD or files
  • Convert Betamax to DVD or files

Each home movie to DVD transfer will have an opening title. We capture a picture from somewhere in the tape and print that picture along with the title on the surface of the disc. The DVD comes in a hard plastic DVD case. If you prefer you can have your DVD in a standard jewel case.

* Send us a favorite picture to put on the DVD instead of having us select one for you.

Contact us for more information or request a quote for your project.